Museo di Firenze Com’Era

Florence As It Was

Model of Florentia in the Museum

The Museum of Florence As It Was is not large; it contains a number of plans and maps, as well as a collection of amateurish watercolours of Florence’s sights from the 18th century, and paintings of Florence’s surroundings by Ottone Rosai, a local favourite who died in 1957. Its jewel is right out in front: the nearly room-sized Pianta della Catena, most beautiful of the early views of Florence.

Other exhibits include a model of Roman Florentia, and the originals of lunettes of Medici Villas and their gardens painted by Giusto Utens in 1599, and mid 18th century depictions of Florence by Giuseppe Zocchi, and town plans for Florence by Giuseppe Poggi.

Today’s Florentines seem much less interested in the Renaissance than in the city of their grandparents. For some further evidence, look around the corner of Via Sant' Egidio, where some recent remodelling has uncovered posters over the street from 1925, announcing plans for paying the war debt and a coming visit of the Folies Bergère. The Florentines have restored them and put them under glass.

Practical Info

Via dell’Oriuolo 24

Hours Oct-May: Mon-Wed 9am-2pm, Sat 9am-7pm. June-Sept Mon, Tues 9am-2pm, Sat 9am-7pm

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