cacio, caciotta

cheese from central Italy

A word that covers a range of semi-soft table cheeses (cow and sheep) used for pizza, salads, etc. One popular variety is cacio di Roma. To many in central Italy cacio simply means 'cheese' (cacio is a Latin derivation, while the more common formaggio comes from Greek).

Cacio a forma di limone, a distinct sheep's milk cheese flavoured with lemon zest, from the Marche's Metauro valley in Pesaro-Urbino province is in the Ark of Taste.

Cacio di Pienza Bianco or Rosso: sheep cheese from the Tuscan hills; the rosso or red version has a crust that has been smeared with tomato concentrate.

Caciotta Sutina is a fresh cheese made in Friuli with herbal hints, often served in salads or with grilled slices of polenta.

Caciotta is a stretched-curd fresh cheese from Sicily, made from raw cow milk and modelled by hand. It has a fresh taste and is often served with antipasti. In Campobello di Licata they make a caciotta al vino that matures soaked in Nero d'Avola wine.

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