'little bundles'

fagottini di melanzane

Fagottini can be:

-pastry tarts, sweet or savoury,

-dumplings, especially Chinese-style filled dumplings

-stuffed crepes (crespelle) with ham, salmon, leeks, cheese, pancetta, etc.

-stuffed bread rolls

-stuffing rolled up in thin pieces of meat or fish, similar to Sicilian involtini. This is also done with vegetables, as in fagottini di melanzane: thin slices of aubergine rolled up around ham, basil and cheese, then baked with a little tomato sauce and parmigiano.

-filled pasta squares. Instead of putting the filling inside two squares, put in the filling and pull up the corners, pinch tightly and you have faggotini. Usually they are filled with mozzarella and ricotta.

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