Casa Saraceni

Now used for Exhibitions

Detail of Casa Saraceni

Now the seat of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna, the foundation behind the 'Genus Bononiae' revitalization of the museums and monuments of the centro storico, the Casa Sarceni, with its large rhythmic portico, arched windows and fine detail is one of the most attractive Renaissance buildings in Bologna, inspired by the palazzi of Florence but translated into local brick, sandstone and terracotta.

It was built for the Saraceni family, who had the interior lavishly adorned with frescoes and ornate ceilings, coffered or painted with grotteschi, all so sumptuous that the house was often used to host visiting VIPs—Pope Julius II's men lived here when they were assuming control of the city after the fall of the Bentivoglio. After various owners, it was purchased by the bank in 1930 for offices and has recently undergone a thorough restoration.

Practical Info

Via Farini 15

Hours Ground floor open Tues-Sun only during exhibitions, 10am-7pm.

Adm Free


+39 051 2754070

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