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French Food Decoder

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French Food Decoder
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The perfect companion for any English speaker visiting or living in France, the French Food Decoder is the most comprehensive app of its kind. Several years in the making, it includes over 1,260 articles covering the gamut of one of the world’s greatest cuisines.

With its superb ‘search’ engine the app provides instant translations of French food names, terms, and cooking techniques into English. Even if you’ve had years of French, it will help you read those excruciatingly complex menus, shop for food or try out a French recipe at home. If you’ve never studied French, it will save your bacon.

But the French Food Decoder is far more than a mere dictionary. In-depth articles feature anecdotes and background information that put France’s culinary culture at your fingertips. The app is organized by French regions as well as headings (Pastries, Fish and Seafood, Charcuterie, Sauces etc) so you know what to look for (and what to avoid!) as you travel around France. A useful map that works offline locates the home of hundreds of local specialities.

  • Discover the different kinds of restaurants in France and how to order, plus a special section on food allergies, intolerances and vegetarians and vegans.
  • Special entries cover French cuts of beef, pork, chicken and duck, along with useful wine words, fish words and cheese terms
  • Learn about the Five Mother Sauces and their children, the names of everything in the kitchen, edible wild mushrooms, all about Cognac and French cheese terms — and which cheese is the smelliest (clue: its nickname is the ‘devil’s suppository’)!

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