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Greek Islands

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Greek Islands
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This app is the culmination of over 40 years travelling and writing about the Greek islands. It covers all the inhabited Greek islands (and some fascinating uninhabited ones), bringing out their unique personalities, history, mythology, their archaeological and historical sites, their beaches, gorges, mountains, and waterfalls (yes, there are some!), their beautiful villages and churches.

It’s a handy companion for visiting the islands, but also useful for first timers, with a detailed section to help you decide where to go. Do you want to be on a beach within hours of landing in Greece, or ready to take the time to seek out a peaceful speck in the sea to write your next novel? Are you keen to walk up ancient cobbled paths to mysterious dragon houses, or soak in a hot spring? Dive the wreck of the Titanic’s sister ship, walk on a volcano, or wander through Greece’s Bronze age Pompeii, and find what’s behind those haunting Cretan myths?

Dana Facaros set off in 1977 at age 19 to write the first complete guide to the islands (she got the job mainly because her father comes from Ikaria!). Her guide, then called Greek Island Hopping, was the bible for many travellers back in the day, and the Cadogan guide version, the basis of this app went through nine editions. Since then she has written countless articles for newspapers and magazines about the Greek islands, or co-authored over 40 guidebooks, including the recent Bradt Guide to Northern Greece.

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