Santa Cristina

The Church of Gregorian Chant

Santa Cristina

Originally the 13th-century church of Camaldolesi nuns, Santa Cristina was rebuilt in 1602 with exceptional acoustics in its single nave to highlight the exceptional singing of the sisters. An Ascension by Ludovico Carracci hangs over the high altar, and there are also works by Guido Reni: statues of SS. Peter and Paul, his only known forays into sculpture.

A Genus Bononaie project, the restoration of Santa Cristina as a music hall was completed in 2007. It also hosts the headquarters of the Schola Gregoriana Benedetto XVI, dedicated to promoting Gregorian chant in a series of concerts from October to May (see website for schedules).

Practical Info

Piazzetta Morandi

Hours Open for concerts or by appointment

Adm Free until all the seats are filled


+39 051 19936315

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