Santa Maria della Pioggia

St Mary of the Rain

Santa Maria della Pioggia

It's the only church in Bologna with shades on the windows (someone must live upstairs), but despite the charming simplicity outside, St. Mary of the Rain hides a Baroque interior—small though it may be—to match any in town.

The name comes from a 15th-century painting of the Madonna, considered a holy icon since it was found unharmed in the ruins of a burned-down palazzo. Its magic was confirmed in 1561 when it was carried through the streets in procession and credited with ending a drought. Not surprisingly, with a Madonna like this one, gifts to the church have been many. The works of art inside include three paintings by Agostino Carracci.

Practical Info

Via Vivo Reno 122

Open 9-6.30pm, closed Mon

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