Casa Vasari

A Peek into Chez George

Story of Zeusi, by Vasari

When Giorgio Vasari wasn't covering the Palazzo Vecchio with frescoes, he and his pupils were decorating the house in Borgo Santa Croce that he first rented, before his patron the Grand Duke Cosimo gave it to him in 1561 in gratitude for all his hard work.

Scenes in the main Sala Grande include an Allegory of Poetry and portraits of artists he admired, along with a painted portrait bust of his own good self over the fireplace.

Practical Info

Borgo Santa Croce 8

Hours Tours Saturday at 10am, 11am and noon; meet 5 minutes earlier at the Museo Horne

Adm €6, or €10 with the Museo Horne

+39 055 244661

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