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coffee on coffee pot with beans

Coffee, of which there are innumerable kinds in Greece. Nearly all city cafés have Italian espresso machines, but in a small village kafenion they may not. Whatever you order, a coffee gives you the right to sit there all day.

Some of the kinds you can order

ελλινικόσ (elliniko): classic Greek coffee served in a demitasse, made in a long-handled pot called at μπρίκι (briki), which stirred slowly until brought to a foaming boil. The more foam the better. Village wise women can read your future in the muddy grounds left at the bottom of the cup.

έναν δίπλο ελληνικό (enan diplo elliniko): double size Greek coffee

εσπρέσο espresso; εσπρέσο φρέντο (espresso freddo, on ice)

φραππέ (frappé): ice coffee

γαλλικός καφές (gallikos kafes): French press

γλυκήβραστος (glykovrastos): sweet boiled coffee, made in a briki, but brought to a boil three times before it starts to foam by lifting it off the heat.

καφέ φίλτρου (kafe filtro): filter coffee

καφές με γάλα (kafes me gala): white coffee

καπουτσίνο: cappuccino (καπουτσίνο φρέντο cappuccino freddo: on ice)

νες (nes): instant coffee (short for Nescafé)

ντεκαφεϊνέ (dekafeiné): decaffeinated

πακέτα καφές (paketa kafes): take-away coffee

Whichever kind you order, you'll be asked how sweet:

βαρύ γλυκός (vari glyko): very sweet

γλυκός (glykos): sweet

μέτριος (metrios): average

λίγο ζάχαρη (ligo zachari): a little sugar

σκέτος (sketos): no sugar

Text © Dana Facaros

Image by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash