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Samothraki, Samothrace 2015 Tavern Karydies: Tsigarista Fasolia Gigantes (fried giant beans)

Beans. They are the star ingredient of φασολάδα (fasolada), Greek bean soup, the ultimate homey comfort food, made with onions, carrots, olive oil and vinegar (on Ikaria they also use fennel, tomatoes, and dill).

Big white butter beans are gigantes; broad beans are koukia; French or green beans are fasolakia.

Other beans are:

αμπελοφάσουλο (abelofasoulo): string beans

φασόλι Λίμα (fasoli lima): Lima beans

φασόλια μαυρομάτικα (fasolia mavrommatika): black-eyed peas, often cooked with spinach. Also see louvia

φασόλι σόγιας (fasoli soyias): soy beans

φύτρες φασολιών (fytres fasolion): bean sprouts

κόκκινο φασόλι (kokkino fasoli): red bean

μαύρο φασόλι (mavro fasoli): black bean

μπορλωτά φασόλια (borlota fasolia): borlotti beans

νεφροφάσολα (nefrofasola): kidney beans

ροβίτσα (rovitsa): mung bean

bean seller on the Prespa Lakes

Itinerant bean seller by the Prespa Lakes

The best beans in Greece are grown along the shores of Little Prespa Lake in Western Macedonia.

Text © Dana Facaros

Images by Dana F, Dimitris Siskopoulos