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Bread, the great staple, comes in many forms, including pita. Some useful bread words:

αρτοποιείο (artopoleio) bakery, from άρτος, the ancient Greek word for bread.

χωριάτικο ψωμί (horiatiko psomi) One of the most popular every day breads, a 'country loaf' traditionally baked in a wood fired oven, can be sour dough or made from a mix of flours

ελιόψωμα (eliopsoma) olive bread made with chunks of black olives,olive oil, fresh herbs, orange juice and onions.

φούρνο (fourno) bakery, usually the village kind

καλαμποκίσιο ψωμί (kalabokisio psomi) corn flour bread

καρυδόψωμο (karydopsomo) walnut bread

κριθαρόψωμο (kritharospomo) barley bread

λευκό ψωμί (levko psomi) white bread

μαύρο ψωμί (mavro psomi) brown bread

μπαγκέτα (bageta) baguette

ολικής άλεσης πολύσπορα (olikis alesis polyspora) whole grain multiseeded bread

ψωμάκι (psomaki) rolls

ψωμί με προζύμι (psomi me prozymi) sourdough bread

ψωμί του τοστ (psomi tou tost) sliced bread for toast

σίκαλης (sikalis) rye bread

σκορδόψωμο skordopsomo garlic bread

σταφιδοψωμο stafidopsomo sweet bread with raisins, popular for breakfast

τυρόψωμο (tyropsomo) feta cheese bread

Text © Dana Facaros

Image by chalkidiki