a Sicilian cheese that travelled far

Tuma (tumazzu in Sicilian) is an unsalted, delicate cheese that might be made from sheep, cow or a mix of both. Some are flavoured with olives or rocket, pepper or peperoncino. Tuma figures in many pasta dishes and savoury tarts. Fiore sicano is a creamy, distinctive tumazzu cheese with a grey rind and a touch of mold inside. Tumina delle Madonie has a crust of marjoram, chives or the ashes of bay and myrtle for flavour.

Somehow the Sicilian tuma made its way to Piemonte (toma piemontese) and then France, where it's called tomme. One kind made of sheep's milk, that still keeps the Sicilian spelling, tuma di pecora delle Langhe, is in the Ark of Taste.

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