A favourite with pizza, but beer is not a big Italian favourite (they are generally ranked last in Europe in per capita consumption). Major labels are Peroni, Nastro Azzurro (owned by Peroni), Moretti (owned by Heineken) and Menabrea (family owned brewery in Bieilla, Piedmont). Since the 1990s, a number of micro breweries have sprung up, such as Baladin, Cittavecchia, Almond, and 32 Via dei Birrai.

birra alla spina: draught beer

birra analcolica: alcohol free beer

birra bianca: white beer

birra chiara: pale beer (the normal kind in Italy)

birra d'Abbazia: Belgian-style beer

birra doppio malto: double malt

birra leggera: light beer

birra scura: dark beer

birreria: brewery, beer hall

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