Campo Bandiera e Moro

Named after three anti-Austrian plotters

Campo Bandiera e Moro

Campo Bandiera e Moro is named after three Venetian officers in the Austrian Navy (brothers Attilo and Emilio Bandiera, who were born at no. 3610, and Domenico Moro) who landed in Calabria in 1844 with twenty followers, hoping to start a revolt for ltalian unity. One of their members proved a traitor, and the band was captured and executed by Bourbon troops. Rumor has it that the Bourbons had also been tipped off by the English government, in whom they had confided while they were in exile on Corfu. So noble was their effort that for 60 years this campo was dignified with the title of ‘piazza’.

It is also the address of the handsome old church of San Giovanni in Brágora and the lovely Gothic Palazzo Gritti Badoer, now La Residenza pensione.

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