Palazzo Comunale (Modena)

Modena City Hall

Palazzo Comunale

Located right behind the Duomo, on Piazza Grande. Although the façade is early 1600s, it conceals a complex of no less than ten buildings behind it, the oldest of which, the Palazzo Urbis Mutinae, goes back to 1046. Besides the sacred Bucket, kept in the Camerino dei Confirmati, you can see a painting by Bartolomeo Schedoni, the Sposalizio della Vergine, in the same chamber, and in the Sala del Consiglio Vecchio a set of peculiar paintings by Schedoni and Ercole dell’Abate on the theme of patriotism and government. Modenese campanilismo finds its apotheosis in the Sala del Fuoco, with a series of frescoes by Nicolò dell’Abate on the history of Modena in Roman times.

Practical Info

Piazza Grande

Hours: Tues–Sat 7–7, Sun 8–1 and 3–7; joint adm with La Ghirlandina at 1.50 on Sun, otherwise free. +39 059 206111

Adm: €6 combination ticket with the Museo del Duomo, the Acetaia and La Ghirlandina.

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