Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti (Modena)

Modena's Bijou Opera House

Teatro Comunale

Like every other Italian city worth its salt, Modena has always loved opera. By the 1830s, its original opera house, the Teatro di Via Emilia (opened in 1643) was in disrepair, and as in Bologna, the mayor commissioned a new municipal theatre from Francesco Vandelli, which was financed, as was usual in the day, by the pre-sale of boxes, and with a large donation from Duke Friedrich IV. It opened 2 October 1841 with a performance of hometown composer Alessandro Gandini's three act melodrama, Adelaide di Borgogna al Castello di Canossa.

After undergoing numerous vicissitudes during the First and Second World Wars, the theatre was completely renovated and reopened in 1998, putting on its own productions and sharing others with opera houses across Emilia-Romagna. In September 2007, only a month after the death of Pavarotti, it was renamed after the city's opera legend. There's always something on, with opera in the late fall and winter and something else every week of the year.

Practical Info

Via del Teatro 8


+39 059 2033020

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