Calendar of Events

In Bologna and Modena

Queens of the Stone Age, Independent Days Festival

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January New Year's burning of the Vecchione in Bologna's Piazza Maggiore

January Fiera Internazionale di Arte, big show of contemporary art at the Bologna Fiera

January-May Bologna Festival Classical music founded in 1982, drawing international star performers. Also January-March, Baby BoFe’, classical music performances designed for ages 3 to 11.

February Bologna Harp Festival

February Carnival. Two of the best are in San Giovanni in Persiceto and Cento, with throw the massive Carnevale twinned with the one in Rio de Janeiro

February Modena Antiquaria, a major antiques fair

March Bologna Salsa Festival

April Bologna Children's Book Fair, at the Bologna Fiera

April Netmage Live Arts Week in Bologna, featuring the latest in live media at MAMbo

May May 1, Gran Festival Internationale della Zuppa, celebrating soup in Bologna

May Mille Miglia vintage car race, passes through Modena.

May Future Film Festival, International Festival of cinema, animation and new technologies, Bologna

May-early June Voliamo Festival, hot air balloons, hang gliders, planes, horses, sports and shows in the Ippodromo Ghirlandina, Modena

Late May-June The Festa di la Madonna di San Luca religious procession takes place in Bologna the sixth Sunday after Easter

Mid June Serate Estensi, Modena. Medieval celebrations with plenty of swanning around in costumes, jousts, music and feasting. Also Modena Cento Ore, four day historic car race, ending in Modena

Late June-early July Il Cinema Ritrovato, Festival of Silent Films, in Piazza Maggiore and Piazzetta Pasolini, Bologna

July Festival of Soul Music Poretta Terme

Late August-September Festa dell'Unità, in the Parco Nord. Italy's biggest Communist shindig, with food, concerts and much more

September Independent Days Festival, Indie and alternative music, Bologna

September Modena Motor Gallery Classic car show

September Danza Urbana Contemporary dance performances in various city centre locations in Bologna

September Film Festival, Poretta Terme

November Bologna Jazz Festival, one of the most important in Italy

December Bologna Motor Show Ginormous car and motorcycle show at the Bologna Fiera

Practical Info

and a in September.

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