Lorenzo Monaco

Illuminator and Brilliant Colourist

Coronation of the Virgin, Uffizi

Lorenzo Monaco was born Piero di Giovanni in Siena, (1370–1425) and became a monk at [Santa Maria degli Angeli]. (#4133) where he learned the art of illumination in the Scriptorium. He soon outshone his fellow monks, and was given the responsibility of illustrating two stunning antiphonaries; several sheets are in the Biblioteca Laurentina in San Lorenzo.

Lorenzo was a brilliant colourist; his work forms an uncommon connection between the International Gothic style of Sienese painting and the new developments in early Renaissance Florence. See his works in the Uffizi, Galleria dell’Accademia and Museo Bandini and rare frescoes in Santa Trínita and San Giovannino dei Cavalieri.

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