San Domenico di Fiesole

Fra Angelico's First Convent

San Domenico di Fiesole

This convent, built between 1405 is where Giovanni da Fiesole first entered his monkish world as Fra Angelico. The 15th-century church of San Domenico contains his lovely Madonna with Angels and Saints, in the first chapel on the left, as well as a photograph of his Coronation of the Virgin, which Napoleon snapped up in 1809 and sent to the Louvre. Across the nave there’s a Crucifixion by the school of Botticelli, an unusual composition of verticals highlighted by the cypresses in the background.

In the chapterhouse (ring the bell at No.4) Beato Angelico left a fine fresco of the Crucifixion before moving down to Florence and San Marco.

Practical Info

Piazza S. Domenico 4


+39 055 59230

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