Florence's Last Suppers

Detail of Andrea' del Sarto's Cenacolo

Every refectory in every convent or monastery wanted a cenacolo or scene of the Last Supper, and although Leonardo da Vinci painted his in Milan, there are plenty to see in Florence and around:

Santa Croce by Taddeo Gaddi, located under his fresco of the Tree of Life

Santo Spirito (now part of the Fondazione Salvatore Romano) by Andrea Orcagna, although here the Last Supper scene, under the Crucifixion has been badly damaged and only two figures survive. Also the recently reveal last supper by Bernardino Poccetti in the cloister of Santo Spirito itself.

San Giovanni (or San Giusto) della Calza by Franciabigio

Ognissanti by Domenico Ghirlandaio. He painted a smaller, similar one in San Marco, and with his brother Davide he also painted a Cenacolo in Badia a Passignano near Greve in Chianti

Cenacolo di Andrea del Sarto (San Salvi) by Andrea del Sarto

Santa Maria del Carmine by Alessandro Allori

Cenacolo di Foligno by Perugino

Cenacolo di Sant’Apollonia by Andrea del Castagno

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