Bernardino Poccetti

Anti-Mannerist with a light touch

Grotta Grande, Boboli Gardens, Florence

Florentine Bernardino Poccetti (1548-1612) started off as a decorative painter who painted the bucolic frescoes in the Grotto of the Boboli Gardens. In his later career he moved on to more serious subjects, when he became part of the reaction to Mannerism along with Santi di Tito, Jacopo da Empoli and others.

His recently revealed, colour rich Last Supper in the cloister of Santo Spirito is one of his finest works, along with the frescoes in the grand cloister of Santa Maria Novella and in the Cappella del Giglio in Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi. He also produced a number of excellent prints from etchings.

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