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Oil. In Greece it's always olive oil, elaiolado (ελαιόλαδο) unless otherwise stated; παρθένο ελαιόλαδο (partheno elaiolado) is virgin olive oil.

There are never-ending arguments as to who produces the best.

Some other kinds of oil:

αραχιδέλαιο (arachidelaio) peanut oil

έλαιο καρυδιάς (elaio karydias) walnut oil

φυστικέλαιο (fystikoelaio) vegetable oil

ηλιέλαιο (ilielaio) sunflower oil

λάδι κανόλα (ladi kanola) canola (rape seed) oil

λάδι καρύδας (ladi karydas) coconut oil

μαγειρικό λάδι (mageiriko ladi) cooking oil

καλαμποκέλαιο (kalmbokelaio) corn oil

σησαμέλαιο (sisamelaio) sesame oil

σογιέλαιο (sogielaio) soy bean oil

Text © Dana Facaros

Image by stevepb