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Three sea-perch and three limpets. Apulian red-figured fish-plate, ca. 340–320 BC. From Gnathia.

Fish in general, plural ψάρια. Greeks have been mad about fish since ancient times (read James Davidson's book Courtesans and Fishcakes to read just how mad they were). If you see (kat) written next to a fish on the menu, it means it's frozen.

φρέσκα ψάρια (fréska psária): fresh fish

μικτό τηγανισμένο ψάρι (miktó tiganisméno psári): mixed fried fish

ψαράκια (psarákia): little fish, except on the island of Tínos, where it might refer to little fish-shaped pastries, filled with nuts, fried and covered in powdered sugar.

ψάρι πλακί στο φούρνο (psári plakí sto foúrno): baked fish with tomatoes and other vegetables; a favourite way of preparing grivadi.

ψάρι στιφάδο (psári stifádo): fish stew

ψάρι σχάρας (psári scháras): grilled fish

ψημένα ψάρια (psiména psária): baked fish

τηγανητά ψάρια (tiganitá psária): fried fish

ωμό ψάρι (omó psári): raw fish

Fish and Seafood

Text © Dana Facaros

Image by Painter of Karlsruhe 66/140