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cookware and tableware

What's what in the kitchen


apparecchio: in the kitchen, 'apparatus' can mean a food processor, a coffee grinder or almost any sort of appliance.

apribottiglie: bottle opener

apriscatole: can opener

bagnomaria: cooked over boiling water in a double saucepan; bain-marie

barattolo: tin, jar, or a round carton of ice cream

batticarne: meat tenderizer

bicchiere: a glass

bollipasta: also cuocipasta, pasta cookpot with built-in strainer

bollitore: electric kettle

bordura: mould for a risotto, either a small oven dish or a pasta basket

caffetiere: coffee maker

caquelon: a fondue pot (Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta)

caraffa: carafe

casseruola: saucepan or stew pot

cavatappi: corkscrew

chitarra: ('guitar') frame with wires for forming long pasta

ciotola: bowl

coltello: knife

coperchio: lid

cucchiaio: spoon

cuccumella: a napoletana, traditional drip coffee pot


dosatore: ice cream scoop

fiasco: glass flask, essential for making Tuscany's famous beans

fiaschetta, fiaschino: small flask

fojòt: traditional terracotta pot with a space underneath for a candle, used for bagna cauda and fondues (Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta)

forchetta: fork

forno a microonde: microwave

frullatore: blender

frusta, frustina di cucina: whisk

grattugia: grater

graticola: grill

grembiule: apron

griglia: grill

guanta da forno: or guanta cucina, oven glove


lavec: stone (steatite) pot, traditional in the Valtellina

leccarda: drippings pan (under a roast or grill)

levatappi: corkscrew

macinapepe: pepper grinder

matterello: rolling pin

mestolo: ladle

mortaio: mortar

napoletana: three-level traditional coffee pot

padella: frying pan or skillet

paiolo: large pot for cooking polenta

passatutto: food mill

passino: strainer

pentola: large pot

pentola pressione: pressure cooker

pescera: long pot for boiling a fish

piastra: stone or thick metal grill; raclette grill

piatto: plate (also means a course of a meal)

piatto fondo: soup dish

piattino: small plate, saucer

pignatta: traditional terracotta stovetop pan

pirofilo: oven-proof glass, or a cooking dish made of this

polsonetto: round-bottomed pot used by pastry chefs

portouovo: egg cup


retina para spruzzi splash guard or splatter screen

robot di cucina: food processor

salvietta: table napkin (serviette)

sbattitore: electric mixer

schiacciapatate: potato masher

schiscetta: lunchbox

schiumarola: slotted spoon

scodella: bowl

scolapasta: colander

scolapiatti: drainboard, plate rack

setaccio: sieve, sifter

sottobicchiere: coaster

spaghettometro: board with holes in for measuring portions

spremiagrumi: citrus squeezer

stampini: moulds, cookie cutters

tagliere: cutting board; in Italy they are usually beechwood

tazza: cup

tecia: a saucepan (Veneto, Friuli)

tegame: a saucepan or frying pan with high sides

teggia: traditional terracotta griddle in Emilia-Romagna

teglia: oven pan, casserole dish, pizza pan, springform pan (teglia a cerniera)

teiera: teapot

tostapane: toaster

tovaglia: tablecloth

tovaglietta: place mat

tovagliolo: napkin, serviette

tritacarne: meat grinder

tritatutto: food processor

vaporiera: steamer

vassoio: tray

Text © Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls

Image by Karen