a spicy salame, or a cup

Capocolla or capicola or just simply coppa, this cured meat made from neck (and sometimes nearby shoulder) cuts, with lots of spice is known around the world. Capocolla di Calabria and Coppa di Piacentina (from Piacenza in Emilia) have DOP status. Coppa di testa is brawn or head cheese.

The same choice pork cuts used to make coppa are often called 'coppa', even when they are uncured, and roasted or grilled as a main course: coppa arrosta, bistecche di coppa.

Coppa also means a cup, as in coppa di gamberetti (prawn cocktail), or any dessert in a small bowl or glass.

In other parts of Italy, such as Umbria, it's spelled capocollo.

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