cold milk

latte caprino: goat's milk

latte crudo: unpasteurized, raw milk

latte delattosato: HD milk (easily digestible sweet milk for the lactose intolerant)

latte di cocco: coconut milk

latte di mandorla: sweet almond milk, a popular drink in Sicily and Puglia

latte di suocera: 'mother-in-law's milk'— a liqueur made with lemon, vanilla, sugar, milk and grain alcohol

latte di soia: soy milk

latte interno: whole milk

latte macchiato: hot milk 'stained' with coffee

latte ovino: ewe's milk

latte pastorizzata: pasteurised milk

latte scremato or parzialmente scremato: skim or half fat milk

latte sterilizzato: UHT milk (ultra-high temperature treated, so it lasts six months)*

latte vaccino: cow's milk

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