Campo Sant’Angelo

and the leaning tower of Santo Stefano

Campo Sant' Angelo

A large dusty square (as much as a Venetian campo can ever be large and dusty), this is adorned on one side by the former Convent of Santo Stefano, two Gothic palazzi (the Duodo and the Gritti) and the best view of Santo Stefano’s jauntily leaning tower, just to the southwest.

As perilous as it looks, this one was spared the fate of the campanile that once accompanied the long-gone church of Sant’Angelo, which tilted so dangerously in the 15th century that a specialist was brought in from Bologna to try to right it. He succeeded magnificently, making the leaning tower plumb-straight – until the day after the scaffolding was removed and it collapsed in a pile of rubble.

Practical Info

vaporetto Sant'Angelo

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