San Felice

Where a future pope was baptised

San Felice

A 10th-century church containing the relics of a certain St Felix, this church was rebuilt in 1532 in the Mauro Codussi Greek cross style. The calm interior saw the baptism of Carlo Rezzonico, the future Pope Clement XIII, in 29 March 1693, an event recorded on the plaque over the door of the sacristy.*

Inside, the most important work of art, Tintoretto’s armed St Demetrius and a Donor of the Ghisi Family, is on the third altar on the right.

Also see Strada Nuova.

*Other popes born in Venice include Angelo Corner (Gregory XII, reigned 1406-15 during the Great Schism), Gabriele Condulme, who became Eugenius IV (reigned 1431-47), Pietro Barbo, the nephew of Pope Eugenius IV (or his son; rumour has it Eugenius had an incestuous relationship with his sister) and who, after promising every cardinal a summer villa, was elected to become the useless Paul II (1464-71), and Pietro Vito Ottoboni, who reigned as Alexander VIII from 1689-91.

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vaporetto: Ca' d'Oro

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