San Canciano (San Canzian)

Simple and pink

Interior of San Canciano

Dedicated to three martyrs of Aquileia, Saints Canziano, Canzio, and Canzionello (compressed by the Venetians into one over the years) this church was founded according to legend by refugees from Aquileia although it didn't actually make the annals until the 11th century. It was last rebuilt in the 16th century, and given a facade in 1706 paid for by Michele Tommasi, whose bust looks out over the main door.

None of the 18th-century art stands out, but it's a popular church and welcoming in its pale pink way.

Also see S. Maria dei Miracoli and SS. Apostoli.

Practical Info

Hours 7.15am-12 noon; 3-7.30pm

Adm Free

Campo San Canzian

Vaporetto Ca d'Oro

+39 041 523 5293

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