Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto

Chamber opera in the palace

Tiepolo Room

The 15th-century Palazzo Barbarigo and Palazzo Minotto on the Grand Canal were joined together to make this one palace, a little rose-coloured gem dwarfed by the adjacent Palazzo Corner.

In 1739, on the occasion of the marriage of Gregorio Barbarigo's marriage with Caterina Sagredo, the family commissioned the redecoration of the piano nobile, with frescoes by Giambattisa Tiepolo and stuccoes by Carpoforo Tencalla (Tiepolo's original The triumph of Virtue and Nobility over Ignorance is now in the Ca' Rezzonico, but has been replaced by a copy).

Since 2005, the chamber music group, Musica a Palazzo has presented opera in the rooms of the palazzo's piano nobile in the style of the 19th-century Italian Salotto Musicale, leading audiences from room to ornate room.

Practical Info

Hours Palace opens at 8pm

Adm €70, includes a membership card

Fondamenta Duodo o Barbarigo

vaporetto: Santa Maria del Giglio


+39 340 97 17 272

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