Palazzo Corner (della Ca' Grande)

Now the Prefecture

Palazzo Corner

In the 15th century, the Corner (or Cornaro) family was the grandest and wealthiest in Venice, having made a fortune from growing sugar on Cyprus since the 1360s, on land they had leased from the island's then rulers, the Lusignans. When the family's daughter, Caterina, married the King of Cyprus in 1472, they were at their height of fame.

Their magnificently rusticated and rather gloomy pile on the Grand Canal is considered one of the masterworks of Sansovino. It was one of his first commissions in Venice, after an earlier Palazzo Corner burned. It was completed in the 1560s, but after the palace caught fire again, it was sold to the Austrians in 1817. Today it seems quite suited for its current job, as the home of the Provincial government and State Prefecture

Practical Info

vaporetto: Santa Maria Zobenigo.

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