San Domenico (Modena)

A Touch of Rococo

San Domenico

There was a medieval church here, but it was in the way of the construction of the Palazzo Ducale, so it was demolished in 1707 and replaced with a new church of San Domenico designed by G.A. Torri, and opened in 1737. Huge semi-columns support the elliptical dome, the biggest in Modena; below, niches hold statues of the four Evangelists by Giuseppe Maria Mazza of Modena.

The best art, from the original church, is just to the left of the entrance: a fine terracotta group of Jesus in the House of Martha (1544) by Antonio Begarelli.

Practical Info

Piazza San Domenico

Hours Mon–Fri 10am–12noon and 5–7pm; Sat 10am-12noon, 5.30-7pm; Sun and hols 9am–12noon.

+39 059 222958

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