Palazzo dei Notai

Where Notaries once Notated

Built in 1287 and renovated by Antonio di Vicenzo, the palace was built to house Bologna's guild of notaries, who established the legal basis of the comune in 1282 with the Sacred Ordinances by notary Rolandino Passageri, putting the guild in charge of the city's republican administration and enforcing communal authority, replacing an elite coalition of bankers and merchants. The notary guild's coat of arms still emblazons the façade.

As important as it was to Bologna's history, the building had been rebuilt several times and looked more like a ruin until it was completely restored in 1908 by Alfonso Rubbiani. If you manage to get in still has some of its 15th-century frescoes.

Practical Info

Piazza Maggiore

Hours Open only during special exhibitions

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