Benozzo Gozzoli

Fairytale Painter

Detail from the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi frescoes

Born Benozzo di Lesse in Sant'Ilario a Colombano, Benozzo Gozzoli (c.1421-97) was raised in Florence and learned his trade from Fra Angelico and often served as his assistant, helping him complete the frescoes in San Marco and the Vatican.

Yet outside of the pale blondness of all his angels, it seems few artists could have less in common in spirit. This most light-hearted and colourful of quattrocento artists created the enchanting frescoes at the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, his best surviving work along with his fresco series in San Gimignano. His fresco series in the Campo Santo in Pisa was sadly lost in the Second World War, and his only other work in Florence, a Deposition from the Cross in the Museo Horne has sadly darkened with age.

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