Nanni di Bartolo

Student of Donatello

Virgin and Child in the Museo Stibbert

Very little is known about Nanni di Bartolo, who trained with Donatello and taught Bernardo Rossellino, and who was active in Florence in the first third of the 15th century. He contributed statues to the facade of the Duomo and to the campanile, assistinging Donatello with his figures of Abraham and Isaac (now in the Museo dell' Opera del Duomo.

In 1424, Nanni fled his debtors in Florence and took refuge in Venice, where he sculpted the beautiful Judgment of Solomon capital on the Palazzo Ducale among other projects. Several other works remain in Florence, including a pair of terracotta Madonnas, a medium he excelled in, in the Museo Stibbert and Ognissanti.

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