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Fresh Tomatoes, Green Pepper, Red Onion, and English Cucumbers

Tomatoes, pronounced with a 'D' sound (hence the 'NT' at the beginning of the word), which has occasionally led to confusion. Some friends back in the day before there were many hotels on islands and visitors stayed in rooms—often in people’s houses—once stopped at restaurant on Corfu and asked the waiter if there were any rooms (domátia) available? 'Of course!' he said, returning with a tomato salad.

Sun-ripened Greek tomatoes are one of the joys of summer, and they go in a thousand dishes from the classic yemistá and choriatikí saláta.

λιαστή ντομάτα (liastí domáta): sun-dried tomato. Sometimes fried in a beer batter with fennel and grated myzíthra.

ολόκληρες ντομάτες (olóklires domátes): whole tomatoes (as in a can)

πομοντόρια (pomodória): plum tomatoes

σάλτσα ντομάτας (sáltsa domátas): tomato sauce

ntomáki Santorínis

ντοματίνι (domatíni): cherry tomato

ντομάτες σε κονσέρβα (domátes se konsérva): canned tomatoes

ντοματοπελτές (domatopeltés): tomato paste

ντοματοπολτός (domatopoltós): tomato pulp

ντοματοζούμι (domatozoúmi): a thick tomato paste from Mílos, used to spread on bread for a quick snack

Vegetables, greens and pulses

Text © Dana Facaros

Image by Geoff Peters