stamped pasta discs

Corzetti, one of the prettiest forms of pasta—they look like pale golden coins—have been made in Liguria since the 13th century; the name means 'little crosses' and the first ones may have been introduced by Genoese crusaders who marked them with the symbol of their faith; later, each noble family would stamp the discs with their coat of arms.

The carved wooden stamps are family heirlooms and rather hard to find these days; one wood carver, Franco Casoni in Chiavari, still makes them. The design helps to keep the sauce on the pasta.

Corzetti are made with plenty of egg yolks, but also warm white wine, and marjoram. They can be served with green or white pesto, tocco or most authentically of all, crema di pinoli e maggiorana (cream with pine nuts and fresh marjoram).

Also spelled croxetti.

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