Simone de’Crocefissi

International Gothic Master

Coronation of the Virgin, by SImone de' Crocefissi

Also called Simone da Bologna, he was born in that city as Simone di Filippo Benvenuti (c.1330–99), the son of a shoemaker, but became known as Simone de’Crocefissi from the many crucifixes he painted. He probably trained in the workshop of Vitale da Bologna. Although he remained well within the International Gothic style, his works become increasingly naturalistic in his later years.

Much of his work has stayed in the area. See San Petronio, San Giacomo Maggiore, Santo Stefano, San Domenico, Pinacoteca (including his Old Testament frescoes detached from Sant'Apollonia di Mezzaratta); San Salvatore (Madonna della Vittoria), the Galleria Davia Bargellini, Galleria Estense.

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