lettuce leaf

Among the various kinds:

lattuga bionda or liscia: leaf lettuce, butterhead

lattuga gentile: batavia

lattuga romana: cos, or romaine

lattuga riccia or endivia: curly endive. They have a unique, slender-leaved variety of this called romanesca.

lattughella: soncino, lamb's lettuce

iceberg is iceberg, though there is a native south Italian version called incappucciata.

lingua di canarino: oak leaf lettuce

For others, see radicchio and scarola (escarole)

Note that lattughe can also be fried pastries; see chiacchiere.

In Liguria, lattuga ripiena alla genovese is a popular if finicky-to-make starter: the lettuce leaves are parboiled and filled with minced beef, onion, breadcrumbs, then cooked in a tomato sauce.

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