Bartolomeo Triachini

The Lost Architect

Palazzo Malvezzi de' Medici

Almost nothing is known about him except the dates (1516-1587), and even these are conjectural. Triachini is almost forgotten today. Just the same, in his day he was the most prominent architect in Bologna, and a real talent, a builder of palaces in the best High Renaissance manner. He does not seem to ever have worked outside Bologna, where for a long time he held the post of the city's chief engineer.

Triachini was the actual designer of Palazzo Poggi (begun 1549), often wrongly attributed to his frequent collaborator Pellegrino Tibaldi. Other works include the second Palazzo Bentivoglio (begun 1551), Palazzo Vizzani (1562), and the Palazzo Malvezzi de' Medici (begun 1560), now home to the provincial government.

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