San Maurizio

Now the Museum of Music

Campo San Maurizio and church

This is the headquarters of Venice’s antiques dealers, who often turn the square into an open-air market. The bland church of San Maurizio, rebuilt in 1806 by Gian Antonio Selva, is a prime candidate for Venice’s most wilted wallflower, saved only by some vigorous neoclassical reliefs on the façade. Now deconsecrated, it's a small Museum of Music filled with violins of the Artemio Vesari Collection from the time of Vivaldi, when Venice boasted a number of famous lutanists.

Next door is the Scuola degli Albanesi.

Practical Info

Hours daily 9.30am-7.30pm

Adm free. Guided tours €60 (book) at 11am and 5pm for up to 6 people.

Campo San Maurizio

Vaporetto: Santa Maria del Giglio

+39 041 2411 840

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