Festivals and Events

Redentore Fireworks

'The power of visual spectacle was more important to Venice than any other European city,' wrote Peter Ackroyd in his Venice: Pure City and it's still be true today.

Ten days before Shrove Tuesday: Carnevale.

Late Feb-early April: Veneto Jazz

Sunday in late March or April: Su e Zo Per i Ponti ('Up and Down the Bridges') charity walk

25 April: Feast day of St Mark, with a Mass in the Basilica and then a gondola regatta between Sant' Elena and the Punta della Dogana

Ascension Day (40 days after Easter): Festa e Regata della Sensa.

Late June, ending on the 29th: Festa di San Pietro

Sunday in May or early June: Vogalonga

Third weekend in July: Festa del Redentore

June-November: Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea (odd-numbered years) or Architettura (even numbered years)

Late August-Early September: Venice Film Festival

First Sunday in September: Regata Storica

11 November: St Martin's Day

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