Fish & Seafood

From the tiny clams (vongole) on a plate of linguine to the rarefied delicacies of bottarga (pressed, salted tuna roe), the Italians know what to do with fish in the kitchen—not surprising in a country blessed with a 9000 km coast, stunning lakes and winding rivers.

Nothing, however, is more confusing for your honest food decoders than fish names. Even if they aren't for creatures rare or unknown in English-speaking countries, every coastal region (if not fishing port) is liable to have its own name for a certain species, handed down over the generations; for instance, see the many words for gallinella, one of the more common names for tub gurnard.

Anyway, we are endlessly curious as well as endlessly confused, so please let us know if we've left any out, and we'll add them to the list.

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